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Among the leading website development agencies is WebsiteToon a company that specializes in website design and development. We are capable of defining elegance on your website and marketing your brand to help you in ruling whatever industry you’re in. Every business needs a website because it can ultimately make or break a business. Our team of web developers evaluate your business objectives, research strategies and create compelling visual designs. We constantly evolve your design and develop unique solutions that help your business to grow.

Shopify is a commercial product that you need to pay for. It offers basic store functionalities that are fairly powerful and which can be maintained and used continuously. Shopify is known to be easier to set up and use although it restricts you to a maximum of twenty-five store items when you begin using it. The platform offers a large collection of templates and themes to give your online store a feel and look to suit your taste and products. In keeping up with today’s must have requirements for a responsive website design, Shopify offers a good number of responsive templates that are free as well as paid for.

Types of Web Design

Flat Web Design-This is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability. It features two-dimensional illustrations, bright colors, crisp edges and clean open spaces. Rather than bringing characteristics of real life to an interface, it illustrates a clear separation between physical objects and technology.

Single Page Web Design-This type of site design is definitely not a new trend. Its continuity suggests that it is more effective and practical than most designs. Like all other designs single page sites have their merits and demerits but in a world where thousands of websites are created daily, a single page web design may be the most suitable way to cater for the ever-shortening human attention span. The single page design is not suitable for every purpose. Having an advanced purpose for your design, creating content to fit a single page and building an interesting layout are some of the most important focal points to make your single page design meet its full potential.

Benefits of Using WebsiteToon Services

Here is why you should choose our services for your website development.

Brand identity-WebsiteToon works to ensure consistency throughout your brand. An effective and successful brand should be valuable, trustworthy, and memorable. At the same time, it should possess the ultimate authority on conveying the vision for your business. With graphic design, WebsiteToon can help with marketing security requirements or your brand.

WebsiteToon uses the most recent technology in developing solutions for your website including its own content management systems, e-commerce platforms such as Shopify online store so that we can set up your website quickly and personalize the solutions to your needs.

Whether you are an established business that is tired of dealing with developers who waste your time and money or one that needs an online store, Shopify is the solution. With WebsiteToon, you are safe in guaranteeing that the latest features are included in the platform.

We offer personalized web design solutions that are in accordance with our clients’ needs.

10 Crucial Things You Need To Need To Know About Shopify (Beginners Shopify Guide)

Choosing the right e-commerce shop builder can be a tough job. This is because a lot of reputable online shop builders provide you with numerous tools and it can get puzzling. However, if you are just bringing an existing business to the online world, or are starting a new one, Shopify is for sure one of the e-commerce shop builders that will help you create an effective online store. One major thing that the platform has done extremely well is inviting other sellers to incorporate their services and products into Shopify making it a one-stop shop for all the tools you will require for a successful online store. Here are ten things you should know about Shopify.

Shopify has theme stores(Shopify Store)

The platform has an assortment of themes where you can pick either their free or paid for themes. Shopify invites professional designers to create themes and they are fully compatible with the platform. This allows you to select your theme from a wide range so your website will look appealing.

Shopify is flexible

Shopify has all kinds of apps to lengthen the functionality of your online store and meet your needs. The tools include social media fulfillment, shipping, reporting, marketing, and customer service. This is one of the platform’s biggest strengths.

Shopify offers you round the clock support

You can access them at any time through email, online live chat, and phone support. They even provide you with international numbers so that you can choose one that fits your region.

Shopify charges transaction fees for each sale

Unless you are using Shopify payment, the platform charges a percentage of transaction fees on their customers for every sale they make.

Monthly costs may accumulate if you integrate multiple apps

Even though Shopify offers you an assortment of apps to extend the functionality of your online store, most of the apps are not free and they charge monthly for you to use them.

You need to know ‘liquid’ if you want to extensively customize

If you know code CSS and HTML and want to customize your site, you need to know that Shopify also has its own coding language known as ‘Liquid’.

Shopify is ideal for all kinds of businesses

Whether you want to launch an online shop, or if you already own a physical store that you want to have an online presence, Shopify is the platform for you.

Shopify provides you with tools for your online store

You will have to learn the basics since it’s not magic, but once you do that, it is smooth sailing going forward.

Shopify has template design options (Shopify Marketing Agency)

The platform offers you numerous professional themes to help you build trust with your customers and sell your products.

Shopify offers abandoned checkout recovery

Customers can actually place products in their checkout carts and fail to complete the purchase process due to distractions. Shopify offers the ability to discover such customers and follow them up to remind them of their impending purchases.

Shopify Customization

Websitetoon is one of the leading Shopify development companies with an impressive track record of customizing online stores in order to boost their engagement and making them a great place to shop. We are extraordinary in our service provision. This is because the web already has endless e-stores with poor user experience and unattractive design. Our experienced expert Shopify developers build amazing online stores that are user-friendly and effective as well. We boast of developers and designers who have vast experience in Shopify e-commerce customization and Shopify Liquid programming that helps them build a store that is easy to manage and in compliance with your specific needs. We go to additional lengths to offer you the Shopify customization needs so that you can efficiently and effortlessly view your sales statistics, orders, and products, respond to an inquiry as well as manage product inventory.

The Websitetoon advantage

If you want to work with trusted professionals to customize your online store, we are here precisely for that and here is what you get to enjoy when you hire our services.

  • Trust and integrity- We do not abandon projects when they are right in the middle. Our team of developers will work on your project from the beginning to the end regardless of how intricate it is. Our aim is to guarantee customer satisfaction above all else.
  • Maintenance and support- With our in-house developers you can rest assured that you will receive total and complete support for problem fixing and Shopify project development. We have a quick response to e-mail and telephone queries as well as speedy turnaround times.
  • Proven professionalism- We provide customized e-commerce and bug-free Shopify solutions. This is evident in our enviable network of repeat and satisfied clients. We also perform free evaluations with no obligations and guaranteed response.

Why Shopify Customization?

There are many reasons why you should choose Shopify as your online business platform but there are also reasons why we as web developers enjoy using the platform to customize our client’s businesses. Here are some of them.

  • Security and flexibility- Shopify are arguably one of the most popular and top-rated e-commerce platforms presently for start-ups to medium sized businesses. With our extensive experience in Shopify development, we are able to build an online store that is easy to manage, unique and highly secure.
  • Infinite design possibilities- Shopify is a platform that offers an array of features and more than a hundred professional templates on a platter. This alone allows us to create an online store that is customizable to our clients’ needs.
  • Ability to sell on the go, offline and online- With Shopify, your customers will be able to browse and purchase from your store from different devices such as iPads and smartphones while on the go.

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At Websitetoon, we respect the uniqueness and individuality of your online store and as such, we offer cost-effective and bespoke Shopify customization services. We have design concepts that you can choose from and developers who are always ready to take on your project. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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