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Among the leading website development agencies is WebsiteToon a company that specializes in website design and development. We are capable of defining elegance on your website and marketing your brand to help you in ruling whatever industry you’re in. Every business needs a website because it can ultimately make or break a business. Our team of web developers evaluate your business objectives, research strategies and create compelling visual designs. We constantly evolve your design and develop unique solutions that help your business to grow.

Shopify is a commercial product that you need to pay for. It offers basic store functionalities that are fairly powerful and which can be maintained and used continuously. Shopify is known to be easier to set up and use although it restricts you to a maximum of twenty five store items when you begin using it. The platform offers a large collection of templates and themes to give your online store a feel and look to suit your taste and products. In keeping up with todays must have requirements of a responsive website design, shopify offers a good number of responsive templates that are free as well as paid for.

Types of Web Design

Flat Web Design-This is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes on usability. It features two dimensional illustrations, bright colors, crisp edges and clean open spaces. Rather than bringing characteristics of real life to an interface,it illustrates a clear separation between physical objects and technology.

Single Page Web Design-This type of site design is definitely not a new trend. Its continuitysuggests that it is more effective and practical than most designs. Like all other designs single page sites have their merits and demerits but in a world where thousands of websites are created daily, a single page web design may be the most suitable way to cater for the ever shortening human attention span. The single page design is not suitable for every purpose. Having anadvanced purpose for your design, creating content to fit a single page and building an interesting layout are some of the most important focal points to make your single page design meet its full potential.

Benefits of Using WebsiteToon Services

Here is why you should choose our services for your website development.

Brand identity-WebsiteToon works to ensure consistency throughout your brand. An effective and successful brand should be valuable, trustworthy, and memorable. At the same time, it should possess the ultimate authority on conveying the vision for your business. With graphic design, WebsiteToon can help with marketing security requirements or your brand.

WebsiteToon uses the most recent technology in development solutions for your website including its own content management systems, ecommerce platforms such as Shopify online store so that we can set up your website quickly and personalize the solutions to your needs.

Whether you are an established business that is tired of dealing with developers who waste your time and money or one that needs an online store, shopify is the solution. With WebsiteToon,you are safe in guaranteeing that the latest features are included within the platform.

We offer personalized web design solutions that are in accordance with our clients’ needs.

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