What is Google Adwords?

Ad rank adwords

Google adwords is a platform that allows you to present you ads to people searching for certain services/goods on Google. Advertisers identify keywords to bid on create campaigns and Ad groups to present  ad to drive relevant traffic to website.

How Google determines Ad rank?

According to Google, Ad Rank is based on expected CTR(Click-through-Rate), ad relevance and impact of ad extensions and ad formats. Raising your Bid will help gain High Ad rank along with quality of the ads.

How does Bidding Works in Adwords?

You choose your Maximum CPC and Google will determine your ad position based on the competition and Quality score of ad. You can increase your ad rank by raising bid amount and increasing Ad Quality score.

How do I choose Keywords for Ads?

Choosing keywords is pretty simple. Start off with brainstorming some basic keywords that defines your business and use Google Adwords Keywords planner to get relevant search terms Data refined by geographic location and latest trends. Also, adding negative keywords to prevent ads from showing to irrelevant searches is crucial.

How Do I Measure Results?

Google adwords provides detailed performance data in terms of clicks, Impressions, conversions and much more. You can track your Phone call using Google phone tracking and also Track website Inquiries using Conversion codes and much more.