About Shopify

10 Crucial Things You Need To Need To Know About Shopify

Choosing the right e-commerce shop builder can be a tough job. This is because a lot of reputable online shop builders provide you with numerous tools and it can get puzzling. However, if you are just bringing an existing business to the online world, or are starting a new one, Shopify is for sure one of the e-commerce shop builders that will help you create an effective online store. One major thing that the platform has done extremely well is inviting other sellers to incorporate their services and products into Shopify making it a one-stop shop for all the tools you will require for a successful online store. Here are ten things you should know about Shopify.

  • Shopify has theme stores

The platform has an assortment of themes where you can pick either their free or paid for themes. Shopify invites professional designers to create themes and they are fully compatible with the platform. This allows you to select your theme from a wide range so your website will look appealing.

  • Shopify is flexible

Shopify has all kinds of apps to lengthen the functionality of your online store and meet your needs. The tools include social media fulfillment, shipping, reporting, marketing, and customer service. This is one of the platform’s biggest strengths.

  • Shopify offers you round the clock support

You can access them at any time through email, online live chat, and phone support. They even provide you with international numbers so that you can choose one that fits your region.

  • Shopify charges transaction fees for each sale

Unless you are using Shopify payment, the platform charges a percentage of transaction fees on their customers for every sale they make.

  • Monthly costs may accumulate if you integrate multiple apps

Even though Shopify offers you an assortment of apps to extend the functionality of your online store, most of the apps are not free and they charge monthly for you to use them.

  • You need to know ‘liquid’ if you want to extensively customize

If you know code CSS and HTML and want to customize your site, you need to know that Shopify also has its own coding language known as ‘Liquid’.

  • Shopify is ideal for all kinds of businesses

Whether you want to launch an online shop, or if you already own a physical store that you want to have an online presence, Shopify is the platform for you.

  • Shopify provides you with tools for your online store

You will have to learn the basics since it’s not magic, but once you do that, it is smooth sailing going forward.

  • Shopify has template design options

The platform offers you numerous professional themes to help you build trust among your customers and sell your products.

  • Shopify offers abandoned checkout recovery

Customers can actually place products in their checkout carts and fail to complete the purchase process due to distractions. Shopify offers the ability to discover such customers and follow them up to remind them of their impending purchases.