Is Google Adwords Effective?



Ofcourse, you have thoughts about how Google Adwords will perform for business. Is it worth it? Companies who are using Adwords for marketing noticed their business when Googled. For some businesses, Adwords gave tremendous success. It also depends on your Online business goals and Adwords marketing strategy . That is why you need Certified Adwords professionals to take care of your ad account.


Adwords is highly customizable. You can tailor your ads to your business needs. So, you get relevant audience. Advertisers have control over keywords, location, scheduling , language targeting etc. You can even  add extensions like Call extension, Location extension, callout extensions . Adwords have tons of other options to customize your ads.

Control your cost

Adwords asks for Daily budget and maximum cost per click. So you have full control over how much your spend. Budget in Adwords determine how often your ads will appear. So, decreasing budget can affect your campaign effectiveness.

Quick and measurable Results

Adwords is highly measurable. You can track calls, forms, app installs etc from Adwords dashboard. So you know exactly how your campaigns are performing. Not just leads, Adwords dashboard will give other useful data like clicks, impressions, Cost, Click-through-Rate etc.


Once a user visits your website and leaves without a conversion, you have the option to target that users via remarketing. Distributed through the Google Display Network, remarketing ads can feature text, images, and video.Cookies are placed with tracking codes that lets you track visitors to your website. This is a powerful and effective technique because it lets you stay connected with your target audience after they leave your site and encourages them to come back.