display ads

Display is another form of marketing you can use target your market audience. Display ads use images, banners, videos , animations, logos etc. to convey effective message to millions of internet users. Display marketing targets broad reach of audience, your ads are eligible to show on over 2 million display network sites reaching over 90% of internet users. Display advertising analytics data allows us to collect useful information about demographics, interests, location as well as important metrics like on-site user flow, bounce rate , user session duration etc.
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Our Display marketing strategy to ensure your success-

1. Right strategic approach-

There is no “one size fits all” rule when it comes to display ads. We research and analyze the right approach to market the ads and focus our goals towards it. Based on campaigns goals and analytic data we customize the campaigns to get you best possible ROI and help create brand awareness by increasing traffic flow on your website.

2. Understand the audience-

In order to reach the campaign goals, we must understand your target audience. By doing right market research, we optimize the marketing campaigns to show the most relevant ad to the right users. Understanding what factors they consider before making the purchase and what’s the best way to educate and persuade customers to make the purchase.

3. Choosing right tools for you-

With the proper market research, it’s time to choose the most effective tools to ramp up your campaigns quickly and efficiently. In display marketing, there are multiple tools to choose from to get to the right people.
Available media buying options

• Directly from publishers
• Using programmatic platforms
• Media agencies
• Affiliate networks
Keeping the marketing goals and budget in mind, proper execution with the chosen tools helps drive a successful marketing campaign.

4. The ad itself-

Showing the right ad to right people at right time is the ultimate best practice. After all, the ads are designed to serve the audience . Display ads are surrounded with a lot of content already and a lot of other distractions so a compelling ad is a must. Typically a banner that conveys your brand message with creative efforts stands out from the rest.