Bing ads

Most businesses run after Google Adwords for their PPC campaigns and neglect Bing. It is a big mistake and misunderstanding. Bing can be very profitable for your business. It is reletively cheaper than Adwords but qualit of leads is the same. Yahoo Bing Network is 29% of the search marketplace. Then why not advertise on Bing? Bing’s format is very similar to Google adwords and is very simple to use and certainly very effective.


Our Team is 100% Bing certified 

1 Understanding your business needs-

First things first, we want to make sure we get your business the way you do!Every business is different in it’s own way and we strive to make it unique. “Always test the waters before you take a swim”, in Bing that means, keep a close eye on what competitors are up to and act accordingly.

2 Extensive Keyword research-

Adding one “unnecessary” keyword or not adding one “necessary” negative keyword can cost you money and that can impact Ad rank eventually. Keeping your campaign goals in mind, we design the campaigns in such a way that it’s always a win win situation .We make sure that your ad copy reflects exactly what your customers are searching for and so is the landing page for users.

3  Budget and Bidding Strategy-

We strive to bring the best possible results achievable from your budget. After enough data is gathered, we change the budget allocation accordingly. Bidding strategy can make a whole lot of difference in your traffic volume.

4 Measure ROI-

After your ads have been running for a while, now it’s time to reveal the actual performance in numbers. We always strive to get you maximum positive ROI that can be achieved in given budget. From performance overview, we carefully analyze the ad performance and alter campaigns accordingly!