Our Process

The Consultation

You would meet with one of our Account Managers to discuss your goals and challenges.

Needs Assessment

Our Account Manager would examine your company’s website and online marketing efforts. We would inquire about your budget, time frames, branding goals, and current resources

Research and Strategize

We begin our research and we examine your company’s past history and investments in online marketing. We would look at competitor’s and leading companies whose service delivery model is similar to yours. Besides reviewing old strategies, we would also generate new strategies for your company.

Proposal and a Meeting of the Minds

We would present our Proposal to you. We would provide you with 3 investment options to choose. And we would prepare a project timeline together that both parties can commit too.

Further Opportunity

Once we’ve achieve success with our project, we would then explore other opportunities of marketing together. Whether it be mobile, location-based marketing, or even offline marketing techniques.

Learn more about our Orientation Process for Website Design and SEO

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