What Is It? 

App marketing refers to strategies and tactics that help promote your mobile app. Whether your goal is to get downloads, purchases, impressions, or analytics – our certified marketing team can help you with this. We have helped many brands get millions of downloads on the app store.

Activities and strategies can include:

  • Social Media Ads;
  • Press Releases;
  • Video Ads;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Retargeting;
  • And much more…

What We Do? 

Change title to “Our Mobile App Marketing Process”

Our strategic app marketing process:

  • Strategy Creation:
      1. Define Core User of App;
      2. Evaluate Competition;
      3. Define Value Proposition of App;
  • Channel Selection:
      1. Test various marketing channels;
      2. Measure Cost and forecast ROI;
      3. Select the best channel;
  • Campaign Launch and Control:
      1. Launch Campaign;
      2. Measure and Monitor;
      3. Improve and Tweak campaign and app;
  • Opportunity Identification:
    1. Collect user feedback;
    2. Additional Optimization; and
    3. Generate new opportunities for growth.

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Some of Our Methods 

  1. Paid-Advertising:
    This is the most common form of mobile app marketing. We use various third-party platforms and run paid-ads. Our certified marketing team will help you create, measure, and improve your ad campaigns. We’ve been able to lower the cost of customer downloads dramatically for hundreds of clients.
  2. Search Engine Optimization:
    This is one of the most cost-effective ways to get an audience when there is little competition. There are a lot of tweaking that you can do to improve your app’s ranking on the app stores. We highly recommend doing SEO for mobile apps with us.

Press Releases:
Contacting Influencers and popular blogs to promote your app is another great way of marketing. Sometimes it is the most recommended strategy. We will help you gather a shortlist, and manage the relationship between you and the influencers. We will help create tracking strategies to ensure your press releases are effective..Read More

Here are some Apps that we market :

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