The 7 Rules of Social Media Marketing

Knowing the power of social media marketing and also the content can bring a huge difference in elevating the customer base and your audience in an impressive way. However if you are starting without any insight or prior experience then this can prove to be challenging.

It is very important for one to know the fundamentals of social media marketing, from increasing the online entry points to maximum quality the below 7 rules will help you on building a good foundation that will serve your brand and your customers and perhaps importantly the bottom line.


The 7 important SMM Rules

  1.  Rule 1: LISTENING

    The rule of listening applies to more of listening and less of talking as this will be required from you to get success in social media and content marketing. You should read the online content of your targeted audience, join in their discussions to know what is important for them. This way you can spark conversations and create content that will add value, rather than clutters in their lives.

  2. Rule 2: FOCUS

    Rather than being JACK OF ALL TRADES it is always better to bring specialization. There are better chances of success if you concentrate on highly focused social media and content marketing, this will help in building a strong brand. You will find no help building broad strategies attempting to bring all things to all people.

  3. Rule 3: QUALITY

    It is always better to bring in Quality rather then Quantity. There is no use bringing in 10, 000 connections who will disappear after connecting with you for the first time. It will be much better bringing in 1, 000 online connections who will read, talk and share your content with their own audience.

  4. Rule 4: PATIENCE

    It will be wrong if you think that social media and content marketing will bring success overnight. While it is possible you may catch some light in a bottle however it is more likely that you have to commit on long heave to get the desired results.

  5. Rule 5: COMPOUNDING

    Once you publish quality and amazing content to bring in an audience of quality followers they will share your content with audience on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and also on their own blogs. Once the content starts to get discussed and shared, then you will get new entry points in search engines like Google to find it in keyword searches. These entry points can grow from hundred to thousands of potential ways to get you found to people.

  6. Rule 6: INFLUENCE

    Spend some quality time finding the online influencers in the market and those who have quality audience and who are very much likely to get interested in your products, services and your business. Connect to these people and build relationship with them. Once they find your content authoritative and useful they will be likely to share it with their audience thus putting your business in front of new audience.

  7. Rule 7: VALUE

    People will stop listening to you if you spend all the time on the web directly to promote your products and services. You should always add value to your conversations. Important thing is to concentrate more on creating quality content and build relationships with the online influencers. This will act as a powerful mechanism to bring in word to mouth marketing for your business.

The top 4 social networks that we suggest you use to start:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Instagram