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Our Team of Website Developers are dedicated to helping you reach your digital goals. We have completed projects for Fortune 100 Companies and many well known Canadian brands.

Can your message be found?

Having a web site can be a powerful tool – especially when used correctly. Choosing the type of message is one piece of the puzzle; designing that message is another.

Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Who is my target market?
  2. What device will they be using to access my website?
  3. What environment will they be in?
  4. What type of emotional feeling should they be getting?
  5. What is the call to action?

Custom Web Design

We can turnkey custom designs for our clients. Whether you need help in the creative process, or want an applications that are unique and innovative we can help you. From E-Commerce sites, to Social Networking sites, we can design, create, and optimize for you.

We’ve designed websites for non profit sand major franchisers around the world. Some of the franchisees we currently have done work for include: Jimmy the Greek, Mr.Greek, DipnDip, and more…

Website Management

Are you a well-known company or growing brand? Do you need a vendor who can help you maintain your website 24/7? Do you require content updates and changes on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, then maybe you need to learn more about our Full Website Management Services

This is really good if you need updates on:

  • Image and Content Updates
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Email and Phone
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • Security and Back-Ups
  • Product Pricing Changes
  • Promotional Content


We have the ability to make your website become mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly means that your website will have content (text/images) that change when you use a different screen size. For instance, your website’s images will change when you switch from a desktop (medium-size screen) to a smartphone (small-size screen). There are two popular techniques when doing mobile-conversion websites:

  1. Responsiveness/Fluid
  2. Distinct Mobile Website

Web App Development

 Sometimes you need a web application developed or updated. The term ‘application’ is applied when  you have a website that has functionalities and features that most websites do not have. This could include:

  • Advanced User Management System
  • Back-End Features
  • CMS (Content Management System Upgrades)
  • Plugin Development
  • Browser Scripts Added
  • Server Side Scripts Added
  • Integration with Other Software

WC3/AODA Compliance

In some countries and cities, there are certain compliance standards that your website might have to comply to. For instance: in Ontario, websites who have a certain number of employees are required to have an AODA Compliant Website. AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act) compliance means that the website will have to abide by certain standards. Most in particular, it has to allow individuals who have disabilities the ability to access and read the content through special means.

The consequences of not abiding to certain compliance or regulations can be very detrimental. Our Website Agency has experience in executing compliance for hospitals, and other large organizations .

E-Commerce Development

If your business sells or is currently looking to sell online, our team of website developers and marketers can help you. We can help you build a custom e-commerce site, and have advanced functionalities like inventory management, re-marketing tools, customer relationship management systems, and much more… Proper e-Commerce website development takes both business and technical knowledge. Business knowledge in a sense, that the website should be customized to fit the Client’s operational process, and technical knowledge to be able to craft a working product.

Website speed optimization

WSO also known as website speed optimization is a service that helps web applications run faster on mobile and desktop browsers. This includes the rate in which it appears on the client (browser/device) and the speed in which it fetches and sends data. Learn more about website speed optimization services.

Excellence in Web Development

We’ve been very lucky and fortunate to become one of the highest rated web development firms in Toronto. Here are the principles that we follow:

  1. We train our team to work hard
  2. We hire designers who love what we do
  3. We address our mistakes and continuously strive to improve
  4. We eat our veggies
  5. We follow #1, 2, 3, 4

Other Web Developer Services

domain registration Domain Registry Management

Do you own multiple domains? Do you need your domains to be managed by a trusted Canadian Vendor? At websiteTOON we manage hundreds of clients all over the world. From domain renewals, to transfers, and helping them claim new domains – we help companies achieve their goals.

website-security Web Security

Has your website ever been hacked? We make sure that your website is always secure. We do a number of things to ensure your website is secure such as:

  • Security Licenses: SSL Certificate, HTTPS and more…
  • Software Script Updates and Edits
  • XSS: Cross site scripting protection

email Email Management

We use the latest in email technology to help businesses ensure their business communications are effective 24/7. We provide full email support, from set-up to migration. If you require screen sharing sessions for training and set-ups, or having it set up on your smart phone, our team can walk you through either in person or via the phone.

mobile-responsive-website Cross Browser Compatibility

Do you have clients who access your websites via multiple browsers, and devices? Have you ever checked your site using an older version of Internet Explorer? Then maybe you’ve seen some discrepancies. Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and it is very important that you keep your websites up to date and that you are always cross referencing it with our list of historical browsers and devices.

hosting Web Hosting Management

We provide secure web hosting solutions. We’ve partnered with recognized resellers such as Amazon Hosting, Google Cloud, Microsoft Hosting, and more. Our IT Directors have Red Hat and Linux Certifications; coupled with their experience in managing Fortune 1000 Companies, they can provide your company with a robust solution.

SEO-friendly SEO Friendly Website

If you plan on ranking high on search engine listings, you might want to get your site geared for SEO. This means making sure that you use a proper CMS, with proper tags. You want to make sure the following:

  • Speed of Site
  • CMS Capabilities for SEO
  • Robots.TXT set up
  • Mobile Responsive
  • And more….

Have you gone mobile?

Each day the number of users that visiting your site via mobile device is increasing. In fact, it is expected for mobile searches to surpass desktop searches very soon.. Not having a mobile site can mean that your missing out being able to provide your users an easy experience. Here are some benefits to having a mobile site:

  • Easy interface for users
  • Able to capture their information more effectively
  • Better for search engines
  • Depending on your industry it may be mandatory

Excellence in Website Design

We’ve probably done the most websites in Toronto. We’ve done work for some of the largest companies in the country.  Here are the reasons why we’ve been lucky:

  1. We do our best in every job
  2. We learn from our mistakes
  3. We treat clients like they are # 1 
  4. We get lots of referrals because of #1, 2, 3,

We think a lot about website design

We take designing websites seriously. When our web designers wake up in the morning and brush their teeth, they think about aesthetics and colors first.

We believe and try our best to preach in the philosophies of color psychology. Here is a quick color fact for you: “warm colors tend to attract spontaneous purchases.”

Below is a typical website development process that we follow:

In this initial stage one of our Account Managers would meet with you in person. Our goal is to quickly identify the following:

  • Requirements
  • Objectives and Expected Outcomes
  • website-developers-oakvilleTime frame
  • Budget
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Next Steps
Here we ensure that both parties understand the complexity of design, and we try to have a “meeting of the minds.” It is our goal to ensure that your vision of the product is created in our minds as well. We will do the following:

  • Select colors
  • Select content
  • Select wire frames
  • Create and Select mockups
Once you have selected a mockup, our Development Team will then build a framework based on your requirements. Whether you are using an Opensource or Closed-Source framework, we can work with you. The next steps are:

  • Select Framework and Code
  • Develop the Application
  • Fill in Content (images and text)
  • Test the Application
  • Present the Application
This is the 2nd final step. Here we take the steps to launch the site.

  • Point your Domain to Our Server
  • Test the Website
  • Browser Check (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.)
Once the site has been launched, to ensure client satisfaction, we do the following:

  • Training and Support on Application
  • Documentation for Application
  • Review and see if there are any Necessary Changes
  • A Customer Satisfaction Survey is then given

What type of web designers do we have?

Whether your a marketing director or a small business owner looking to have your website designed or developed, there are a couple of things that you should know: Note: We do not look this young in reality. 

website designer mississauga Website Designer

Website designers are professionals who focus on the overall aesthetic portion of your project. They help you with the following: logos; theme options; layouts that are rendered on various devices; images used in galleries, sliders, portfolio’s, and your product pages; and the entire feel of your website.

  • PURPOSE: Aesthetic
  • PROCESS: Theme, Colors, Layout, Imagery, Typography, Design Resonance
  • PRODUCT: You get a finished website that matches your brand.

Little Asian kindergarten girl with eyeglasses using laptop Website Developer/Programmer

These web developers are skilled technicians who focus on developing the website. They typically use HTML5, PHP, or asp.NET to help you with your project; this type of programming language is known as “server side-coding.” They are often employed to help you with any features or functionalities in a website.

  • PURPOSE: Functions and Features
  • PROCESS: Select Language, Functions for Users
  • PRODUCT: Your website now has functions that are much more then an average website.

graphic designers mississauga Graphic Designer/Artist

Think of a Graphic Designer as someone makes sure your message matches your brand and is communicated in a way that makes sense to your customer. They are masters of font, and in mixing colors and text. They understand the various types of font, and what images makes sense to your overall goal.

  • PURPOSE: Branding and Effective Value Articulation
  • PROCESS: Examines your goal, colours, image resources, typography, and branding.
  • PRODUCT: Your images, brochures, are customer-engaging.

SEO Agencies in Mississauga and Toronto Internet Marketing Consultant/ SEO

SEO experts are individuals who focus on helping your website rank higher on search engine listings. Typically SEO professionals focus on two types off activities: on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. You can learn more about what SEO Services we offer.

  • PURPOSE: Help you get customers
  • PROCESS: Search Engine Optimization activities
  • PRODUCT: Your getting inbound* customers from the web

website account managers Account Managers

SEO experts are individuals who focus on helping your website rank higher on search engine listings. Typically SEO professionals focus on two types off activities: on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. You can learn more about what SEO Services we offer.

  • PURPOSE: Help you get customers
  • PROCESS: Search Engine Optimization activities
  • PRODUCT: Your getting inbound* customers from the web

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